The Scherzo

In Italian, a scherzo is a joke. In music a scherzo refers to a quick and light hearted musical composition. I refer to these paintings as scherzi (plural for scherzo) because they represent quick studies.

Studies or Scherzi are fundamental to an ongoing practice. They ensure that I am always painting and they can provide unexpected sources of inspiration. As is often the case, the painting process can lead me to new places revealing the internal eye to the external world.

Summer 12 x 12 inches, oil/canvas

Forest Abstract. 14 x 14, oil/canvas

Country Morning, 11 x 14 inches, oil/canvas

Summer flowers, 12 x 16, oil pastel on canvas

Last Light, 14x16 inches, oil pastel on paper

Summer Fields. 14 x 18, oil/canvas

Morming Mist. 11 x 14, oil/canvas

Sunset Poppy Scherzo. 14 x 18, oil/canvas

Scherzo in Green and gold,14x18,oil

Poppy Scherzo,oil,11x14inches

Spring Scherzo,9x12,oil

White Teapot,oil 11x14 inches

Field Study oil,11x14 inches

Scherzo in Blue and Green oil,11x14 inches

Two Macs, oil, 11x14 inches

Autumn Scherzo,12x16 oil-private collection