There is nothing still about it.

Painting, even when it is representational is not about recreating reality in any direct way. This series of paintings are about everyday life.

Looking beyond the traditional uses of the genres like still life and landscape, they are metaphors and narratives for the myriad of experiences that life has to offer.

Lemon Drops 24 x 24, oil/panel

Chenonceau, 36x36, oil/canvas

New Day, Miramar. 24 x 24, oil/canvas

Queen of Hearts, 18 x 18, oil/.canvas

The Scarlet Letter, 18 x 24, oil/canvas

Waiting for Godot, 18 x 24, oil/canvas

Intimate Distances, 12 x 16, oil/canvas

Freedon of Expression, 16 x 20, oil/canvas

Promising Changes, 18 x 24, oil/canvas

Fear and Impotence, 20 x 24, oil/canvas