Capturing the beauty of nature, a landscape painting was originally a window on a scene that was ever preserved from the passage of time, the vagaries of the weather or the changing of the seasons. As time in the outside world passed, as the impact of human activity grew, as the concepts of ‘symbol’ and ‘metaphor’ evolved, however, so did the relationship between artist and landscape. Today, the landscape’s role in art is multi-layered: it is as often a character in the human drama as it is its stage; it is as much a record of an actual ‘location’ or ‘place’ as it is the manifestation of the meaning places – real or imagined, understood or sensed - acquire as our lives unfold.

The oil paintings of artist Branka Marinkovic record real places: those able to travel can visit the actual locations the artist portrays, recognize the landmarks, and situate the buildings or architecture. However, the surface treatment and color palette reveal they are also places we see through the eyes of memory or through sensed rather than perceived reality. These places have a personal resonance for the artist; they are imbued with symbolic meaning, and painted in an impressionist style.

Claudine Ascher,
Director / Curator, Galerie de la Ville


Eagle Islandm 20 x 30, oil pastel on Arches cold press

Montreal Southshore Sunset, 12 x 12 inches, oil/canvas

The Crossing 20 x 60, oil on 3 panels, 2015

Beach House, Peggy's Cove. 36 x 36 inches, oil/canvas

L'Avenir commence à Kamouraska, 24 x24 inches, oil/ panel

Rougemont, 12 x 12 inches, oil/canvas

April Relfections,Lake Brome, 2014, 16x20-oil

The Fleeting Beauty of Life; Pompano Sunrise

This painting represents the unconditional love, the joy, support, nurturing and protection that my father bestowed on me throughout my life. His strength taught me to be robust. His unfaltering commitment made me steadfast and his joie de vivre taught me to appreciate the beauty of life.Bora Marinković disappeared from this world on March 10, 2013.

Each panel of this painting was taken by visitors to the show to share my grief and remember the ones we cherish.

Oil on Arches Oil Cotton paper,44 x 60 inches, 2013

''You are only a cloud'', said the clock tower. Belleville 20 x 30 inches, oil/canvas

Dr.Rowley'sSunset-Chicago in the Distance-16x20-oil

The Ideal Woman, Rue Monge, Paris. oil/canvas,20x30

Places des Vosges. Oil/canvas 32x38 inches

Princess Complex # 1, Chenonceau, France oil/canvas, 16 x 0 inches

Porte de la Pucelle, Nancy,14x18-pastel

Rue de Gesu,Nice 16x26-pastel

Olympia in the Shadows, Nice, France oil/canvas, 20 x 30 inches 2010

la Collegiale st. Louis, Poissy, France 20 x 30inches, oil/canvas

La Porte de la Collegiale, Poissy, France. 16x20

Porte Isle St-Louis 2001, oil, 20 x 24

Chateau de Langeais oil/canvas 24 x34 inches